My Long Distance Friends

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Fansigns from my long distance friends~

A fansign from my cousin. She's pretty. Right? hehe. This photo was taken last year (2013).


She's my Romanian friend. We haven't yet met so I received this thru pm. We're just friend in Facebook. She sent me this photo 2 years ago.

She's my Long Distance Friend. We haven't yet met too.. I just met her in Social Net Site (SmartNet).

One of my SmartNet Best friend. She's from Rizal. I like this girl. She's matured enough though she's younger than me.


She's my SmartNet friend, but we're not too close.

My close SmartNet friend. We call each other as "Sistah". I treat her as my Ate.

 <~ She's my classmate. We call each other as "Inzan". The 3 pictures above? I don't know who are they. Haha Maybe my Inzan's cousins.

She's my SmartNet friend. She's calling me as "Ate Pretty" while I'm calling her as "Ganda".


My close SmartNet Friend. We call each other as "Dai". I met her 3 years ago. We're close until now.

They are my SmartNet friends.


He's my Smartnet Male Best Friend. We always talk like there is a world war. haha. Trash-talk here and trash-talk there, but no bad words. HAHA

My Brother in SmartNet. I call him as "Bunso"


"Friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but not in heart."

Actually, I have more than closed friends in Social Net Sites. Those persons above are my treasured friends. Though we haven't yet met, at least you can treat them as real friends. Until now, we still have communication in Facebook. We've already stop logging-in in SmartNet cause we don't like the newbies there. If you are curious about SmartNet, it is a site like Facebook and Twitter. (It is not an online job but you can collect points in exchange of rewards or goods. For example, necklace. I already received mine. A necklace from Australia)

Thank you sa may pake! :)

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