My new Wacom with the revenues of my channel!

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Well, as I told you before, I´m closing some external projects to start with my new Animation Short Film on June 1st. In order to prepare everything to start to work next week I buy a Wacom Intuos Tablet, and the deal is that I´m producing everything with the revenues of my webTV channel. This is the first thing, the next week I´m going to look for the lights, a new lens for my camera and the materials.

I´m really exited because in the past I just was waiting to win some "public found"  from the chilean government to make some production, and now with FA revenues I can go back to the action on the studio! (with a little budget movie, but is what I want to do).

So, I really appreciate the work of everyone on Filmannex and specially the  consideration they have with us as independent filmmakers.

Here some images from my new Wacom:





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