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Aside from the fact that I am now working full time for an IT company, I am glad that my online jobs and other sidelines are still up and are providing additional income.

As I have mentioned before, I am also working in Odesk as a virtual assistant for an Australian client. What I really love about working for Alexa, my client is the fact that she allows me to work for the job she is providing anytime depending on whatever time I am free and which I want to work with it. I am super thankful that when I applied for this client, she automatically hired me without any further interviews. I just sent my resume and poof! Everything was history.

I was in and out of internet connection due to the holidays and I missed to read a message from her but I guess it is still fine because she has been allowing me to work it with my spare time, she will actually specify if she needs the info right away but this is something which I guess doesn't really require me to work at and finish it sooner.

But then I am going to work with it soon. I have a great time watching the eclipse tonight.

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