My Open Letter to BitLanders Family (Part 2/Birthday Edition)

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Yes! This is part two of my open letter to bitLanders family. And since it's my birthday today, it will be a birthday edition, which is also a good reason why I should make this letter, making it more special.

I have some more people I've never written a letter yet. These people have been significant to me in big and small ways and of course, I've encountered these people here and there's always even a single memory that reminds me of them, may it be a thing, experience, their names themselves, or just any other factor.

Right, here they are. And take note that the names are not listed in a particular order of who's closest to me or who's not or something like that. It's just random and all. First name on the list is:

To asad-munib,

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Oh see, I've written you a letter now. :D One of the things I couldn't forget about you is your blog about verifying someone's bitLanders account. Thank you for that blog. It helped me to have my account verified faster. I also copied how you took your selfie by including my upper body in the picture too (LOL) , which ate @AdGoggleKo also copied (Hahaha. LOL). Well, you must be that influential. I imitated you and then ate imitated me, which is still obviously you. :D And I also remember when you told me that you find it hard to increase your buzz score even if you write a lot of blogs. Well look at you now. :) You now have a higher buzz score than I do! :D I quite envy you but not in a bitter way but rather in an inspiring way. How should I re-increase my buzz score like yours? What should I do? I guess I just have keep on writing blogs to attain that state too."


To ate jean-beltran,

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Hi ate. Actually right now, I can't say anything that much to you. Ah, should I tell you how tough you are as a bitLanders user? How do you do it? From then to now, you remain undisputed. I sometimes ask myself how you are able to be the top one most of the time. Whenever I look at your buzz score, I always tell myself, "What will happen to me now? This is crazy. I am really nothing." and then I go back to my profile because I really am nothing (Haha. LOL). It's like, "Yoohoo Vanity, know your limitations." I should be ashamed. :D Thank you also for your videos and photos that display the tourist spots in the Philippines. It's as if I'm also touring our country each time I see them. Which places have you not visited yet? ^_^ "


To lapiz-lazuli,

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I think you are a grammar nazi. Do you like reading? If so, no wonder why you're good in English vocabulary, similar to ate jean. I know we don't talk that much but I remember you because of your gray hair. That's the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I hear your name.

I think you are a strong and independent woman. Thank you for being a nice acquaintance of mine."


To saori-sam,

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Welcome back to bitLanders! And that's good though. I do think you're a sassy, sweet, and gorgeous lady. If I were to compare you to a fruit, you would be the cherry. The taste is very sweet but very remarkable. I remember before when I tried to do that Oreo Choco balls recipe as demonstrated in one of the videos that you uploaded/embeded (I forgot which you did), the result was a disaster (Haha). I couldn't copy the original appearance. (Haha) I'm not a chef. I see. You must be passionate about baking. Thank you for that video, saori. ^_^ "


To shaiera,

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Out of all the users here, I think you're the most adorable. Your avatar gives me the impression that you are. And I do hope that's true. I think you're a lovely kid, spreading love to everyone around her. You have that light atmosphere whenever I talk to you which I love. I also noticed that you've been sickly these days so please take care of yourself. I guess you're a shy and silent person in person but fun to be with. Continue spreading those good vibes and kindness will return. ^_^ "


To JustAGirl,

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'It is only Just A Giiiiiiiiiirl'. Familiar with the lyrics? They're not lyrics actually but they just remind me of Akon's song, 'It is only just a dreeeeeeaaaaaaam.'. Your name causes me to remember that part of the song. Hehe.

I guess you're sassy as well. You like what a typical girl normally likes, girly for short. You like Chris Pine but you got upset when no one appreciated him in the blog you made about him. It only means you fangirl him every time you see him. And don't worry. New people always come here everyday so there could be a chance that you'll find another someone who would appreciate Chris Pine too. So cheer up. 

And I think you have a bubbly personality. Thank you for showing us that bubbly side of yours. Happy fangirling to you my friend. :D "


To Sir LarryOliver,

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Sir, I admire you for your great movie critique skill. Because of you, I learned new words like waspish, slavish, and everything. I highly admit that I'm not good in English vocabulary because I don't know all the complicated words yet so when I read your blogs, I would find new complicated words all the time, and then I would search them on my Merriam-Webster app. Thank you for that sir and now I'm using them on my Facebook socialization or anywhere whenever a situation needs that word, both in the online world or in the real world. Example, 'Why post things like this? Tss. Waspish!'



To wanderfulsoul,

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We haven't talked that much recently but I'd like you to know that I treasure you as a friend. I'm so happy to know that you're my fellow bisaya too! (Haha). The first time we talked to each other, I thought that you're a college student. But I think I saw one post of yours signifying that you've finished college already. Or maybe that just was my own interpretation. I don't know exactly. Just I'm confused!

I also asked you one time if you believe in forever because I was planning to recruit you to join PTF (Pure Team Forever. I was the leader of this group. Hahaha.) but I was surprised because you don't believe.

Currently, Pure Team Forever has disbanded (LOL). :D

Thank you for those times and I'm hoping to have more conversation with you. ^_^ "


To LookUp,

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    Anneyong Haseyo! 

You're one of the last people I managed to talk to during my first four months of stay here. Before that, I would see my other friends like ate heart, shaiera, brat, khoky and the rest doing chitchat with you and commenting on your posts and I felt that I couldn't talk to you because we're not friends yet. Good thing that you like Korean culture and can speak the language so right from that point, we are boom-sha-kalaka. :D

Thanks for all the Korean experience although we are not pure Koreans, just pretending to be Koreans LOL. Keep training for more comeback blogs. :D"

*Part 3 coming up. Keep posted! :D



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