My Open Letter to BitLanders Family (Part 3/Christmas Edition)

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Do you really think Christmas is over? NO. It is not over because my open letter is not yet over!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Well it's a bit late but who cares? It's still December (at least in here it's still December) so it's still Christmas season, Christmas month.

Christmas season is a season of love so with this, I will continue the third part of my open letter and to spread love to anyone who hasn't received a letter yet. Take note that not all people here might be celebrating Christmas or that Christmas isn't part of their religion or culture but one thing is for sure, we all know how to love. So to my friends who don't recognize Christmas as part of their belief, l would just like to share with you the joy and love you deserve to experience. To my friends who acknowledge Christmas as their tradition, let me give you my wishes and appreciation. Time for thanksgiving this season!

Shall we start? Merry Christmas! :)

To whom shall I start with? I'm going to start with: Moon-Khan.

To moon-khan-4606,

One good thing about you is when you comment on posts with actual words. I notice that you sometimes comment with stickers but I cannot count how many times you leave comments that consist of words. I think that's what makes you unique from all the rest here, alongside with ate jean. That is why I don't regret opening notifications where you commented on my posts because I find them amusing. Thank you for giving color to my posts and to my bitLanders journey in general. :)

I think one word that describes you is caring. I think you're a nice friend and that you represent feminity well. I think you have the ability to empower women that they can be strong but be caring at the same time. Very nice combination, my friend. Thank you for everything. ^_^

I wish you.....


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To Ate AdGoggleKo,

Hi Ate Ad. If there is still one more slot for bitLanders admin, I think you can apply. I always see you giving advice to the newbies regarding what to do here which is good. Actually, all of us can give advice but you are epic. :D You are the queen. I think you can really be an admin. :D

Thank you for helping out the newbies most of the time in behalf of us ate. You also defend bitLanders whenever someone tries to compare bitLanders from other online earning websites. I can really see how devoted you are to our website. You already. :D And, keep up the good work and healthy living? :D

I wish you.....


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To deep-shelter,

You left a comment on my part two of the open letter and now you received a letter yourself! :)

You like taking selfies? And, you like sunglasses? And I think you look cooler with short hair rather than that long hair. I guess you're also a sentimental person. Boys are actually more sentimental than girls but yeap, that's already a part of you, I think so. With that, I think you're indeed a nice and kind guy. And if ever you feel heartbroken because of girls, don't worry! You will find the right girl at the right time, so cheer up!

Thanks for being a nice Pakistani friend to me. Happy taking of selfies! Hehehe ^_^.

I wish you.....


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To Chusspa,

How should I pronounce your name? Cheospa? Choospa? Or Choosspa? Which is correct?

Just like deep, I think you also like taking selfies. Chusspa is not a common name so you must be creative enough to create that name. I think you are a busy person? That's it. Thank you for passing by and dropping by my posts. I also remember that you're the same with Moon-Khan in that you usually comment on posts with words which I find pleasing. Thank you for all the nice comments! :)

I wish you.....


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To Mirfan87,

I should call you sir because you speak to me so formally. I like your level of maturity. You really speak like a father to me. Not a doubt you can earn everyone's respect in here. :) Undoubtedly, you are a father figure. Thank you for acting like an older brother or a father whenever I ask you questions regarding this site. Thank you for being serious in answering my questions. But I hope that I could also see the lighter side of you though. Maybe someday. I hope you're doing fine Mirfan. :)

I wish you.....


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To Kuya TRB,

I remember my first memory of you was when you asked me questions about buzz score without writing blogs. Do you still remember that time? :)

And as I've also said before, you should definitely meet my father. :) You have a lot of similarities. You and father are both OFWs. You like bands, playing musical instruments, and both of you love singing. It feels like you might be long lost brothers. One difference I could point out is the difference in your vocal ranges. Father has a base register while you have the tenor or high register. Am I right kuya? I'm amazed by your high-pitched tone and it sounds like you can be Mitoy Yonting. Hehehehe. You should come here kuya and see our instruments. For sure, father would love to have you on his band. You could also do a jamming session with him! :)

Who are your favorite artists kuya? My, this letter might be very long so maybe I'll just end it here. Thank you sharing your voice to us (because I heard your singing skill in one of your videos). It was nice! I would be happy to hear your voice in your other videos! I hope you'll make covers too, as it will make me happier. :)

I wish you.....


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To katsanslimites,

Katsanslimites. I'm quite impressed with how you created your name. It's unique. It's different and hard to remember for first time listeners. How have you arrived with that name? I have a theory. You can't call me strange! Just I have my own speculation though. (LOL)

Kat- because your real name is Kat.

sans- from the japanese term 'san'? (e.g. Vanity san. Haha. LOL)

limit- because you have your limits./limits?

limites/tes- from the Japanese word 'desu' (des, tes. Rhyming words.)

Am I correct or not? Either way, I don't know! LOL. (Sorry if my theory is epic fail! Haha.)

Maybe if I have questions about cos play and Japanese and anime, I won't hesitate in asking you. We could talk about Fairy Tail. I used to watch that anime but unfortunately, I stopped. Is it still running up to now? I can't believe it has the largest number of main characters. There are too many of them! I even forgot all of their names!

Thank you for introducing Lisa through your blog. I couldn't believe the things she (the vocalist) went through before her band became so successful.

I'm happy that I have a friend who likes anything Japanese! Just like your name, you are a one-of-a-kind person. Thank you for sharing that unique personality because I find it admirable on a different level. :)

I wish you.....


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To IvyMaria,

Oh men. I should call you one of my ates. Ate means 'bigger sister' in Filipino so if we put 's' at the end of ate, you will have 'ates' or 'bigger sisters'. Hey, this isn't important!

The most important part is this: I really think you should be called 'ate' because you seem to be a responsible person. Not only a person but also a mother. And not only that, what makes you beautiful is that you are a strong person and not only as a person but also a strong mother who is devoted to her kids. I think everyone who knows this would look up to you with so much respect. That is why it is an honor for me to be able to talk to you. You are worthy of the term 'ate'. :)

Thank you for setting yourself as an example and I hope may you always live happily with your family and children.

I hope that you come back soon, my big sister. Where are you right now? Please be active once again. :)

I wish you.....


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To Harrrr (deactivated),

Thank you for inspiring me to increase my buzz score more especally on my first couple of months on bitLanders. I know that you can't read this anymore as I assume that you've already deactivated your account but thank you very much. I've never been to top 1 yet (hopefully, I'll be one of these days) but just by thinking that you made it to the leaderboard after a month, I feel energized that I can go up to in just a short amount of time. Perhaps, if my buzz score goes down, I just have to think of your achievements, my friend. Keep safe there and hopefully, you'd come back one of these days too. ^_^

I wish you....


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