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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Do you immediately think about robots or computers that can replicate the actions of real humans? If so, you are right! That is basically the main reason why it was made, to make people's lives easier by doing their jobs for their own benefit.

The reason why I'm writing this blog is just to solely express my random opinion about AI in short. I will be answering the most commonly asked questions about Artificial Intelligence based on my own opinion so there might be parts in this blog where some people do not agree and there might also be some parts where some people do, so if there are some things here that you do not, I respect your opinion.

Please note that RQ means Random Question so let's start!:

RQ #1: What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

As per research, I have found out that AI is an aspect in computer science that creates intelligent machines moving like how real humans do. In the absence of a human, an AI Robot can do his job.

RQ #2: Are computers and phones Artificial Intelligence?


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Although they make people's lives easy, they can't be considered AI because they do not act like a human. They are only fast and efficient through the technology installed in them but they are not able to cook, run, walk, or do any human-like actions.

Siri, the speaking AI.

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As for Siri's case, she can be considered as AI because she can speak and respond to any questions being addressed to her, so if she is installed into a smartphone, it means that she's just using it to activate her AI properties.

RQ #3: What is the main benefit of using AI?


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It can make mankind's way of living and lifestyle more convenient and comfortable.

Watch this robot do some household chores all by itself!

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For example, if a family has a robot that can do household chores like sweeping the floor, cooking, cleaning the windows, fixing the bed, and the rest, they will just probably sit comfortably on their sofas all day and do the things they have to do without having to worry about doing the household chores.

RQ #4: What are the hazards of using AI?


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Nothing is perfect in this world, so as Artificial Intelligence. It seems to be the highest form of technology but it's not perfect. It still has its glitches and downside. One downside is when it has a defect, it can malfunction right away and not be able to work properly anymore, unlike a real human who can be sick but can still do his responsibilities well. If the AI Robot doesn't work properly and becomes destroyed, it's just like its owner will just waste hundreds of dollars buying it (since AI Robots are assumed to be high-priced).

Another potential danger or should I say more hazardous disadvantage of it is the possibility of overheating which can lead to a fire blast. This situation is far from happening and call me fictional but this situation can happen. What are metal, steel, and electronics, right? They can cause a fire blast especially when combined, that is why creators of AI should make it sure that their creation should work well so that fire blasts and other disastrous accidents will be avoided.

RQ #5: What is the history of AI?


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If you're going to ask me about the history, I might not be able to give an in-depth information about it because I only have vague knowledge but what I know is that it has started already a very long time ago.

RQ #6: How Intelligent will AI become?


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For me, I think AI has an indefinite level of intelligence because it continues to evolve as time goes by. What is certain is that it can continue to become better because man always wants to innovate things including technology. Because of this, its development will be infinite and a never-ending process as man's imagination itself has no limits. I just hope that AI will continue to evolve for the betterment of humankind and of the world.

RQ #7: What are the differences between it and human intelligence?


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For me, no matter how advanced AI can be, no amount of it can beat the ability of human intelligence because the latter itself made AI. Let's discuss more about their differences.

The first difference is that human intelligence is more complex than AI because the first one is naturally existent and it has been there since the person was born.

Another difference is that human intelligence can decide on its own unlike AI which can't as it has been programmed to do something.

The next difference is that even if human intelligence might be lacking sometimes, it can still work well unlike AI which could stop working when experiencing a technical glitch.

Lastly, human intelligence is different from AI because emotions can be involved in the first one while AI is emotionless, since AI is not a human.

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RQ #8: Will robots be ever to control the world?


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For me, I don't think so, unless if someone is wicked enough to create robots that are dominant, hostile, rude, and wicked, then maybe I can consider the answer to this question as yes. But feasibly speaking, I don't think it will happen because robots are made to make people's lives easy, right? :)


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RQ #9: In what way do you want AI to help you?


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I want AI to help me in a way that my usual daily activities will be done more efficiently. For example, I find it hard to wake up early in the morning so if there is a robot that can touch me strong enough to wake me up, then it can help me to do so. If a robot also cleans my house or at least my bedroom while I do other important things such as taking a bath or eating my meal before heading for work, that will also be great. I want AI to help me to be able to all the things I'm supposed to do within the shortest time possible on a daily basis.

It will also be great if there is a robot that can comfort or cheer me up when I feel down. Sometimes, people don't understand me so they hurt me a lot so it will be best if I have a robot friend who can comfort me during bad times.

Just like this:

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This is the first part of my blog. I will continue writing the rest of my opinion in Part Two. Stay tuned! :)

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