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I am a board member of the Women's Annex Foundation and I have made Women's Digital Literacy, Sustainability and Community Building my priority. I was honored by the words of Gopal Ratman on his interview with Roya Mahboob, board member of the Women's Annex Foundation, in Bloomberg:


“Mahboob’s business is based on Film Annex, a technology that her Italian business partner, philanthropist Francesco Rulli, developed to create Web videos.“



On Women's Annex, my personal profile has now over 14,000 subscribers, mostly female users from Afghanistan, Egypt and Pakistan, where Roya Mahboob and her team of digital media experts have promoted and grown the Women's Annex Foundation and my personal mission for Women's Digital Literacy, Sustainability and Community Building. has now over 66,000 registered users to further consolidate the success of our work.



Community Building is an essential factor for any person, company and institution operating globally, to share the wisdom but also to learn from others. With over 14,000 subscribers, I understand my power and with it, my responsibility. It motivates me to further improve my work on Women's Digital Literacy and Sustainability.

My 14,000 subscribers also allow me to gather more revenues on my personal profile. It's my personal decision to donate back my BuzzScore revenues to the Women's Annex Foundation so that it can further invest the money in the BuzzScore bucket and Digital Literacy for Women. This cycle produces an everlasting sustainability that empowers digital literacy for women and girls all over the world.


  • The more Subscribers I get to my personal profile on Women's Annex,
  • The more I donate back to Women's Annex Foundation,
  • The more the Women's Annex Foundation invests in Digital Literacy,
  • The more subscribers and registered users join the Women's Annex Foundation.


This is a perfect organic cycle that empowers me to achieve and surpass my philanthropic goals using the very same tools that made Film Annex Networks a series of successful online film and blogging distribution platforms. Consequently, this also provides the Women's Annex with a broader audience and partners. The community supports me and I support the community.

Just to give you a simple example: Today, I published a micro blog and commented on the Women Judo Final between Japan and USA held at the New York Athletic Club on March 2nd and sponsored by Film Annex. Over 14,000 users mostly located in the specific regions where I have invested time and money to support Women's Digital Literacy, Sustainability and Community Building received a notification. This will inspire them in their future life and educate them about the values of women in Olympic sports. This a very meaningful message to them, their families and friends.



I also invite you to learn more about Digital Literacy With Digital Currency from the words of Women's Annex board members Feresheth Forough, Adriana Lopez Alvarez, and Roya Mahboob, to better understand the role of Bitcoin and how it fits into the broader picture of Film Annex and the Women's Annex Foundation.

In case you are NOT part of the Women's Annex Family, do not wait any longer and register today HERE at my personal registration page! I will donate my affiliate commission to Women's Annex Foundation!

Please visit my personal page on Women's Annex and subscribe. Please also visit Women's Annex and subscribe to it for updates, articles and videos.

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