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Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 242, series of 2011, the period of September 5 to October 5 of every year is declared as the National Teachers Month. This declaration calls for nationwide celebration for teachers, calling everyone who has ever been a student to express their gratitude to their teachers.

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Greetings to all the teachers out there! Happy Teachers' Month!

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Since it is Teachers Month, I will be making a blog about teachers.  Teaching is not an easy profession. It is not just teaching but teachers also do a lot of essential things to the students’ lives. Indeed, I can say, teachers are our hero and they are our second mom and dad. As a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education, I know how it is like to be a teacher. And I was able to wear their shoes. (Well, not literally.) I have seen and experienced the life of a teacher. And I salute all the teachers in the Philippines and around the world.

I looked up the definition of Teacher in google and this one showed up.a person who teaches, especially in a school.

 a person who teaches, especially in a school.

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As for me, teachers not only teach and this definition is very inaccurate. Let me tell you my definition of a teacher.


*Teachers TEACH*

This is a picture of a teacher teaching and her students are listening attentively

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From the word itself, “teacher” it means, they teach. They teach us everything we need to know to have a brighter future. If you can read what I am writing right now, THANK A TEACHER FOR THAT. And, teachers not only teach us academically. They also teach us how to become a better person. And that is where the second definition I have will come from.



This is a picture of a teacher disciplining her student

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I remember when I was still in my school days, there are always cleaners. The teachers will group the class so by the end of the day, everyone will be cleaning. That is discipline. They teach us to be dependent and work hard. They teach us to pick up the trashes every after-class sessions. They teach us not to throw our garbage anywhere. And those things, doesn’t only end in the four corners of the room. That will still be with us everywhere we go. Even me, our teacher was the one who told us to put our garbage in our bag or in our pocket if we cannot go to the garbage can to throw It. I was in my elementary days when I remember our teacher told us that but even until now, I am still doing it. When I can’t find any trash cans, I put the trashes in my bag or in my pocket. Teachers are really so influential in the student’s lives.



This is a picture of a teacher encouraging her student to keep reading

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Teachers also encourages their students. I remember one time, I was really so down and I am not making my projects anymore. And all the projects I do are just mediocre. And then, one time, we passed our journals to our teacher and when she gave it back to us, she put a not in my notebook saying,

“I know you can still do better. Do not settle in mediocracy. I can’t wait to see the best in you.”

And that, to me, is a sort of encouragement. We might see teachers as monsters sometimes because they give us projects and assignments here and there. But they just do that for us to be more hardworking. Because they know that it is one of the most essential attitude that you need when you get to the real world where you work to earn money.


*Teachers SAVES*

Teachers are superheroes

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Teachers are real superheroes. They save children’s lives. If there are no teachers, probably all of us will end up working in a farm or in factories or constructions. It may not be so clear to us but teachers save us from poverty. Yes, we also do our best to study and learn. But, teachers are the ones who also passed their knowledge to us. Well, can you imagine how life would be like without teachers? 

I have here a video from Youtube by Jubilee. This is a very touching video.

Indeed! We can't imagine life without teachers.



 This is a picture of a teacher telling a story to her students and entertaining them with her costume

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When I was doing demo teaching before, I realized that teachers also need to be entertaining. Every student have different learning styles and most of the students, they tend to listen more if you entertain them. That is why when I was doing my demo teaching, almost every end of the lesson, we will be having a game because children learn more when they play. It is not easy to find games that will entertain students. Especially nowadays, children are more into technology. So teachers will also need to adapt to that so they will be in the same boat with the students. Indeed, teachers are great entertainers.


*TEACHERS are the one of the people who make us who we are now*



 This is a picture of a teacher teaching and shaping students' lives

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I want you to close your eyes. Imagine your teachers. Remember what they do for you. Remember the advices they have given you. Remember the lessons they taught you. Remember all those and you will realize that teachers are one of the essential people that made us who we are right now.


I am very thankful to my teachers before. Because when I was in my high school and college, I was like a spoiled brat student. I don’t pass projects. But, I am very thankful to them that they saved me. They gave me chance to be able to prove myself. They encouraged me that education is the only thing that cannot be stolen from you. They disciplined me to become a better person. I owe them part of what I am today. And with all my heart, I salute to all the teachers out there.





And I was able to graduate and made my parents proud  because of my teachers. 

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To the teachers who might be reading this, THANK YOU! Continue to extend your patience to your students. Continue to be role models to the students and continue to be an inspiration to them. I know it is not an easy job, teachers. And the pay is not even enough for everything that you do. But, teachers, please know that you are the richest in the world. Because you are the ones who make doctors, architects, seamen, policemen, you are the ones who make presidents and other high officials. All of them. All of the most successful people came from your hands.


To all the teachers out there, in behalf of all the students, I say, "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!"

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