My school

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My school looked like a ruined palace. I remember the huge yard with no trees or grass. There were three huge and old buildings. The buildings had many classes inside with bad condition. The walls were destroyed by bullet, the desks, and chairs were old and very dirty. I went to school every morning and used to sit somewhere in the yard with this imagination that one day my school will look like a beautiful palace. I studied four years in this ruined palace with my dreams, reconstructing this school.

After two years of my graduation from school, I came back to visit my teachers. Oh, my God. My dream came true. The ruined palace was not any more ruined. It was a school with new and completely reconstructed buildings. The yard was planted with beautiful green grass and also many pine trees small and big were growing. The buildings were polished and had new color; the classes had beautiful walls with that new color. The desks and chairs were completely new; also a new building was built. Now my school looked like the palace that I wanted ever.

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