Nafaukh fi roohi

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measure is He Who has given life to all creation. For instance, the sun casts its light upon the objects most fitted for receiving the light. Such objects are colored ones. Air cannot receive light, as it has no color. By the attribute in the object we Mean well-balanced and moderately-refined things. An object cannot be rejected from a mirror which is rusty, even though the object is placed before it. It is only when thereceiveis not rusty that objects can be mirrored from it. In the same way when sperm is stable and moderate, God s breathe soul into it, and there is no change in God Himself. It is wrong to believe that the human soul has no beginning. It is not eternal and it is created when the matter is fit to receive it. Suppose a man looks into a mirror. His face seems to be reflected into it, though actually the face is not in the mirror. It is still attached to the body of the person in question. One cannot make use of the rusty mirror, not because the face of the user is incapable of reflection, but because the mirror itself is unclean and does not accept things to be reflected into it. Then these inquisitors further asked us what Divine benevolence is. We explained that it cannot be compared to the container pouring clean water on our hands. The use of water consists in its elements, leaving the container and washing our hands.