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Hello Friends !! How many of you is actually interested in Nail Art ? Nail Art is Trending nowadays
Sometimes I get awestruck when I see nails of young girls. Their nails are adorned with Nail-art . Nail art is like having a beautiful picture or motif painted on a small surface which is your nails.

I was introduced to nail art during my high school days and college days. During that time Nail art was not known in India as it is known now. That time we used to paint out nails with colours matching our outfits. Generally we used two-three colours of Nail-paint to paint a nail. We used to draw some simple patterns on our nails with those colours. That was Nail-art for us. Believe me , making those nails involved a lot of fun and when praised, we would all go high like balloons .. Ha ha ..

Nowadays Nail bars have opened up where you can get Nail Art done on your nails (with prices to pay for their services … which is quite high). People do not use their own creativity to paint their nails. I find this quite saddening. It is the creativity of a handful of professionals who get trained for such arts which reflect on the nails of the youngsters nowadays.

I sometimes feel, how much we would save if we just take up a professional course on nail art and do the things ourselves .. I am really feeling like doing it now . I know most of us will not be able to do it because of the time constraints and the nail bar owners will be minting money just like that .

How do you feel about the trending Nail Art? Do you also have a story? Please share with me freely . I am eager to know all your wonderful stories !!


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