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There are some special days in the calendar of every nation that commemorate us some special people and their marvelous doings regarding the services for that nation. These days are as celebrated by the present people as by the former ones. Some days are those which get together the people and let them to get relief from the monetary of life and relish themselves superbly under the shade of their national flag which make them naturally overjoyed and exultant.


These days cause the people to assemble at one place and an essence of discipline, unity, enthusiasm and brotherhood is seemed to be entered in them. Everyone deems it useless to keep fury, anger or any sort of range in himself for someone else and ponders it to be his own devastation to be so. All the discrimination present between many groups of the one nation vanish and they look like the students of same class. They organize themselves as the scattered pages of a book are ordered in a right manner to make a generally accepted and impressive volume.


Generally, if we think for a while it seems to be very arduous to make all the people of a nation to do the same thing but these days have the great power to do so. They silently, without any proclamation, make the people spiritually willing to do the same thing at the same while. The whole nation looks to be one spirit in many faces. Above all, national events are the cause of unity, brotherhood and sympathy among the people.