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The Haier T20 League is the domestic cricket league, which is established in Pakistan. It is a most professional based Twenty20 cricket group in Pakistan, built up in 2005. It is the single member of Pakistan Cricket Board, authorized by the ICC. Haier T20 has 18 different franchises member clubs and is the most oldest T20 cricket league played by the professional players. It is eventually going to be replaced by Pakistan Super League in the coming season.

Pakistan Super League presents city-based franchises members clubs. The main 8 groups in the yearly competition meet all requirements for the Super-8 T20 League competition. The head offices of league's teams are situated at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

History Of Haier Twenty20 Cup:

As far as the history of Haier twenty20 league  is concerned, The Haier league t20 was started during 2004-2005 year. It was launched as the league named 'ABN-AMRO Twenty-20 League' with 14 member clubs. It likewise turned into the first cricket league played in the world of cricket outside of United Kingdom and Australia. During the 2008-2009 season, the group was renamed to the 'RBS Twenty-20' League. It remained affiliated with the League till the 2009-2010 season. In the next season, the title of League was again renamed as 'Faysal Bank Twenty-20 League'.

Whereas, in the 2014-2015 season, the title was changed to 'Haier T20 Cup'. During the played 10 seasons, Sialkot Stallions have been the most prominent group winning the title an aggregate of 6 times. The Haier T20 Cup was honored every year to the association champion toward the end of every season. The 2014-2015 was the last season of Haier Twenty20 league, which is now going to be replaced by Pakistan Super League.




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2015–16 Haier T20 Cup:

The Haier Twenty20 2015-2016 is the Twelve season of the Domestic cricket league in Pakistan, supported by Haier. Eight teams participated in the qualifying round. The qualifying round of the occasion was started on Sept. 1 and kept running up to Sept. 5, 2015.

 In the tournament round, Twelve Teams challenged each other during the 2015-2016 season (sponsered by Cool & Cool). The number of 33 matches were conducted as a whole. The final match was played between 'Karachi Dolphins' and 'Peshawar Panthers', out of which 'Peshawar Panthers' won the match as well as the title of championship.

Announcement Of National T20 Cup:

On August 30, 2015, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) propelled the Cool and Cool presents Haier Twenty20 Cup with extraordinary advertisement at the Pindi Cricket Stadium by revealing the logo of event. He presented the group of competition and group supports in the presence of previous cricketers, print and electronic media and the Board's upper level administration.

While adressing a press conference, Intikhab Alam, PCB’s director Domestic Cricket Operations and PCB Governing Board member Shakil Shaikh who were delegates of supporters, said the twin urban areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad would appreciate the energy T20 cricket brings.

Inktikhab Alam appreciate the efforts of Sponsers for supporting T20 event. He guaranteed the best and well-focused competition of games in the occassion. He said that Pakistan's T20 chief Shahid Afridi and other top players will excite the fans with their amusement.



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National T20 Tournament teams:


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Venue Of Haier T20 Cup 2015-16:

The venue of Haier t20 cup 2015-16 was decided to be conducted at Islamabad Cricket Stadium named 'Diamond Cricket Ground' and 'Marghzat Cricket Ground'. Another decided venue was 'Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium' located in the Rawalpindi city.

Islamabad – Diamond Cricket Ground, Marghzar Cricket Ground

Rawalpindi – Pindi Cricket Stadium

Teams Of Haier Twenty20 Cup 2015-16:

It was announced that Twelve teams will challenge for Cool and Cool Presents Haier Twenty20 Cup 2015-2016 in the main competition. The primary competition will begin on Sept. 8 and its elimination rounds will be played on Sept 14 and the last will happen on Sept. 15.

The teams were announced in two groups as a 'Group A' and 'Group B'. The main teams Of the main tournament are following: 

  1. Abbotabad Falcons.
  2. Karachi Zebras.
  3. Lahore Lions
  4. Multan Tigers.
  5. Peshawar Panthers.
  6. Karchi Dolphines.
  7. Lahore Eagles.
  8. Quetta Bears.

Team Of Abbottabad Falcons:

The Abbottabad Falcons  are a Pakistani men's expert Haier Twenty20 cricket group that challenges other teams in Haier T20 league. The team belongs the city Abottabad, Khyber Pakhtukhwa, Pakistan. The team Of Abbotabad Falcons play at the Abbottabad Cricket Stadium, which is declared as first-class cricket ground by the PCB. In 2005, the team was formed as 'Abottabad Rhinos' but later was renamed to 'Abottabad Falcons' during the 2010-2011 season.



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Squad Of Abbottabad Falcons:

The former cricketer 'Younis Khan' is the captain of the Abbottababad Falcons. Some of the other players includes Adnan Raees, Yasir Hameed, Hammad Ali, Khalid Usman, Zia Ul Haq, Ahmed Jamal and Mohammad Ali.

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Team Of Karachi Zebra:

The Karachi Zebras is one of the domestic team of Haier Twenty20 league. It represents the city of Karchi, Sindh, Pakistan. In 2005, the team of Karachi Zebra's was established. The players perform their practices in their home ground named 'National Stadium'. It is also a cricket group of newly replaced Pakistan Super League. The Karachi Zebras is one of a few proposed establishments for the Pakistan Super League. Saeed Jabbar is the manager(chief) of the Karachi Zebra's team.



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Squad Of Karchi Zebra:

Rameez Raja is the Captain of Karachi Zebra's team. The coach of the team is Azam Khan. Other players included in the current squad are Faisal Iqbal, Danish Kaneria, Javed Mansoor, Daniyal Ahsan, Fahad Iqbal, Faraz Ahmed Khan, Irfan-Ud-Din and Tabish Nawab Khan. 

Avatar Of Karachi Zebras:

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Team Of Lahore Lions:

The Lahore Lion's team is the professional players based team, situated in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2005, the team was established inLCCA cricket ground, Gaddafi Stadium The team was formed by Lahore Provincial Cricket Association. Lahore Lions are the best Twenty20 group in the historical period of Lahore Provincial Cricket Association. The group won its first title in 2010 where they crushed Karachi Dolphins by 37 keeps running in their home ground Gaddafi Stadium.

The team won its first title in 2010 where they crushed Karachi Dolphins by 37 runs in their home ground Gaddafi Stadium. Under the captaincy of Shoaib Iqbal Joiya, the Lahore Lions has won T20 Cup in 2010-2011'season. Lahore Lions the second best domestic team in the nation after the Sialkot Stallions.



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Squad Of Lahore Lions:

The Lahore Lions Captain is Kamran Akmal whereas, the coach of the team is Mohsin Kamal. Other players of the squad are Nasir Jamshed, Mohammad Hafeez, Wahab Riaz, Umar Akmal, Mustafa Iqbal, Adnan Rasool, Ahmed Shahzad and Imran Ali.

Avatar Of Lahore Lions:

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Team Of Multan Tigers:

The Multan Tigers team is one of the Pakistan's provincial cricket team, represents the city Multan, Pakistan. In 2004, the Multan Tigers's team was established. Multan Cricket Stadium is the home ground of the Mutan Tigers. It was initially expected that there would be a team of Multan's cricket team in Pakistan Super League but later 5 teams were announced and it was affirmed that there won't be a group representing Multan.



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Squad Of Multan Tigers:

Kamran Akmal is the Captain of Multan Tigers. The chief as well as manager of the Multan Tigers is Sheikh Saleem. Other players includes Hasnain Bokhari, Zain Abbas, Umair Arshad, Rahat Ali, Rizwan Haider, Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Nadeem and Imran Farhat.

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Team Of Peshawar Panthers:

The Peshawar Panthers team is the domestic team of Haier twenty20 league, which represents the city of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In 2004, the team was established. Arbab Nawaz Stadium is its home ground, situated in Peshawar. The team is one of a few proposed establishments for the Pakistan Super League 2016. Zakir Khan is the manager of Peshawar Panthers. In 2014-2015, the Peshawar Panthers won the Haier T20 Cup.



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Squad Of Peshawar Panthers:

The Captain of the Peshawar Panthers is Zohaib Khan. Other players included in the squad are Gauhar Ali, Mohammad Israrullah, Taj Wali, Mohammad Fayyaz, Mohammad Rizwan, Iftikhar'Ahmad, Jibran Khan and Yasir Hameed.

Avatar Of Peshawar Panthers:

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Team Of Karachi Dolphins:

The Karachi Dolphins are a one-day cricket based team, established in Karachi. The team plays in Faysal Bank One Cup as well as in Faysal Bank Twenty20 Cup. Their general supervisor is 'Razziq Rabbani, while the group mentor is Azam Khan. The Karachi Dolphins perform their practices in their home-ground 'National Stadium, located in Karachi's north end. They are the preffered franchise for the coming Pakistan Super League T20 as well.



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Squad Of Karachi Dolphins:

The Captain of the Karachi Dolphins is the famous cricketer Shahid Afridi. Other Squad includes the players such as Fawad Alam, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Anwer Ali, Asad Shafiq, Roman Raees, Mir Hamza and Sohail Khan. 

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Team Of Lahore Eagles:

The Lahore Eagles is another domestic team of Haier twenty20 cup. In 2006, the Lahore Eagles team was established. Nawab Mansoor Hayat Khan is the manager(chief) of the team. The homeground of Lahore Eagles is Gaddafi Stadium.



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Squad Of Lahore Eagles:

Taufeeq Umar is the Captain and Manzoor Elahi is the coach of Lahore Eagles. Other players in the squad are Imran Farhat, Abid Ali, Kamran Sajid, Ahmed Butt, Azhar Ali, Usman Malik, Asif Raza and Muzaffar Mehboob.

Avatar Of Lahore Eagles:

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Team Of Quetta Bears:

The Quetta Bears is the Pakistan's domestic team, represents the city of Quetta, Pakistan. The team was formed in 2006 and Ayub National Stadium is its homeground. Quetta Bears is also the announced team of Pakistan Super League 2016. The team is one of a few proposed establishments for the Pakistan Super League. Khuda Buksh Silaichi is the manager of the Quetta Bears.




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Squad Of Quetta Bears:

Irfan Ismail is the captain of Quetta Bears. The coach of the team is Abdul Rehman. Other squad includes the crickster such as Bismillah Khan, Nasim Khan, Faiz Ullahm Imran Khan, Abdullah'Jan, Khalil Ahmed, Nazar Hussain and Gauhar Faiz.

Avatar Of Quetta Bears:

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Schedule Of Haier T20 Cup:

The tournament 2015-16 Haier T20 Cup  was scheduled to be played between 1 spetember to 15 september 2015. The schedule of 2015-16 Haier T20 Cup is following:



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Final Match Of 2015-15 Haier T20 Cup:

On September 14, 2015, a couple of matches was played between 4 teams competing for the Finale. First match was held at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi. It was played between Mutan Tigers and Karachi Dolphins. In the semi-final, Karachi Dolphins won the match. Second match was played between the teams of Peshawar Panthers and Sialkot Stallions. Peshawar Panthers won this match by 5 wickets.

On September 15, 2015, the final match was held at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi between Karachi Dolphins and Peshawar Panthers. In this final match, Peshawar Panthers won the title by 7 wickets beating Karachi Dolphins.



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Final Match Highlights - Haier National T20 Cup:


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