National Pancake Lovers Day

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Today, September 26th, is National Pancake Lovers Day.

This is not the traditional Pancake day as celebrated on Shrove Tuesday in many Christian traditions - which is, literally, a moveable feast. This day is also sometimes called Pancake Lovers Day.

Pancakes are made from batter and cooked on a hot, flat surface. Griddles and frying pans are the things most commonly used.

The American pancake is most similar to a Scotch pancake or drop scone, although the American version is bigger. These contain a raising agent, egg, flour and milk or buttermilk.

Pancakes are a fairly neutral dish. They can be either sweet or savoury, depending on what they are served with. They are, in ingredients, very similar to Yorkshire puddings.

Common sweet toppings are fruits, such as blueberries, and sauces, such as maple syrup. There really is no limit.

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