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Natural Remedies to Remove Stretch Marks

 Egg Whites to Remove Stretch Marks

Egg white contains 40 different proteins. You can understand why it is so beneficial for skin health. Egg whites are also rich in collagen and vitamin A and thus can treat scars or burns too effectively. So go ahead with this remedy and apply egg white on your stretch marks. It’s as simple as this-

• Take out the egg white by separating the yolk from the egg.
• Beat the egg white a little with a fork
• Apply on your marks.
• Leave for 15 minutes
• Wash off with water.
Apply some moisturizer or oil (like olive oil) after you pat dry the area.

 Alfalfa to remove Stretch Marks

Rich in amino acids, vitamins E and K, this herb,Alfalfa is used by many to fade the marks away. You may also give it a try as they are said to be great skin toners.

Get this:

• Alfalfa Powder- 1 tsp
• Chamomile oil- few drops to make paste
Do this:
• Mix alfalfa powder with chamomile oil and mix well.
• Apply the paste to your stretch marks.
• Leave for 15 minutes.
• Wash off with water.
• Do this thrice a day.

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