Natural way to treat blocked arteries

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Treatment of blocked arteries is very much in need if we can treat heart attack and several heart diseases from Home ,here are some foods which are very much beneficial to treat blocked arteries and they are as follows - 

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1.Barley - Barley is very common natural ingredients which is found at Home to treat the blockage of arteries ,it not only give the energy to the muscles but it also smoothens the flow of the blood in the arteries 

2.Turmeric - Turmeric is a very effective ingredients to treat the blood clots in the body because of the ingredient curcumin turmeric having the antioxidant and the anti inflammatory activity .

3.Green tea - Taking green tea daily with Luke warm water keeps the LDL or bad cholesterol level in check and for that the risk of blockage also decreases a lot .

4.Cod liver oil - Cod liver oil is very much effective to get rid of heart disease ,specially the omega 3 products and fish oil are very much effective to treat heart diseases.

5.Lemon - Lemon contains vitamin C and helps to prevent the blood clotting and improve the blood pressure of the body ,daily if we can take 2-3 times lemon with luke warm water ,we can keep our blood pressure and LDL level in check .

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