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Neck pain and stress  both  seem like different problems but in actual they are two sides of a same coin . Unfortunately, now a days lot of people are suffering from neck pain and stress.


Reasons Behind Anxiety And Neck Pain

When the person is in the state of intense anxiety , nerve tension or muscle tension , the muscles start contracting and the time period of this contraction is pretty long . This causes ''ISCHEMIA'' . the more anxiety you face , the more tension will cause discomfort and significant pain. As far is neck  is concerned , it plays vital role in our life , because its is the part from which all the veins are connected from heart to brain. In the situation muscle tension ,our muscles are tightened around the neck.



Cause Of Neck Pain

Neck pain can also cause stress and anxiety. Neck pain is a very real and common symptom of anxiety. If one of you have neck pain, and you think that it is coming from an unknown source then, anxiety is playing the role behind it .



Way To Get Rid Of Neck Pain And Anxiety 

If the neck pain is due to anxiety then first we have to control anxiety or muscle tension. And the another way is to have massage. Massage is the best way to reduce pain in neck or any muscular pain. With that heat is also very comfortable is such kind of situations. so hot bath and hot shower are ideal ways to consider. And last but not the least exercise.





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