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Polio has been eradicated almost from the whole world. But in some countries it is still present. Amongst these countries one in Pakistan. In Pakistan government is extensity trying to stop the spread of disease but still new cases of polio appears. Now through the help of WHO and UNICEF. The health sector made a new policy  for eradication of this disease. Campaigns are started on media to provide knowledge and awareness about the prevention and treatment of polio. This time health sector is looking much serious in this issue and applying every force to control that disease. In every city and village /p/ cells are made which continuously provide awareness to people about polio. Thousands of doctors and medical staff is participating in these awareness programs.

In post different political issues were made from polio eradication program and the extremist leaders always tried to stop the program without any reason. Due to this Pakistan has become a risky place for polio especially the regions of Punjab and Khyber pakhtoon khawa(kpk). Polio teams are targeted and killed team members are not allowed to enter in the houses for variations.

Now according to new policies polio has to be eradicated from Pakistan till the end of 2013. If not done Pakistanis will not travel to any other country. Which will be an alarming and serious situation for all Pakistan peoples. Workshops are going on in every city and peoples are positively informed about permeation of polio.

If a child is left from his parents should consult the near by health authority. Government should provide enough funds to this program till the end of polio in Pakistan .

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