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Now I am discussing more information about English language in Indo-Pak. Moreover, it is so rich in literature and vocabulary and so flexible in nature that everybody will feel proud of processing and adequate knowledge of this language. The rich heritage of literature as is to the credit of this language can hardly be surpassed by that of any other language of the World. The knowledge of this language comes handy in digging out the vast treasures of literature, western cultural and civilization. We may hate the Britishers for their atrocities on the Pakistani people during their rule over Indo-Pak subcontinent but we love Shakespeare for his literary genius and for his love of humanity as revealed in his writings.


Not only that, we will have to equip ourselves with this languages for reading them. Homer, Voltaire, Zola, Tolstoy cannot be read and appreciated for their realism until we know English because their Urdu Bengali translations are yet to be made available. New dictionaries are being compiled, new words are being coined and translations of technical books are coming into the market. Nevertheless, the present vocabulary of our languages (i.e Urdu and Bengali) are not enough to cope with the need of the country and the task which had been carried out in English for decades together cannot abruptly be rendered into Urdu or Bengali. In view of these difficulties, it will be both foolish and impossible to introduce these even at higher levels.

The best course will be to retain English in scientific and industrial field while efforts should be made to bring Urdu or Bengali up to the required standard. Owing to the changing circumstances, just as other Pakistani languages were done at the time of the English. Almost all the universities have made the study of Urdu or Bengali compulsory at secondary levels. In certain universities, has been made vital part of their curriculum and one can become a graduate without knowing much language continues it will completely replace English in the near future.


We cannot shut car eyes to the pressing need of the spread of technical and scientific education in the country and until we are in a position to produce sufficient number of scientist and technicians, our developmental plans will go to dogs. There is very possibility that the constitution may have to be amended to wave the time limit. Target date to be specified for complete transformation from English to Urdu or Bengali yet remains a very intricate problem.

                                   Written By: Aafia Hira

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