Neoglobe 'Saving The Earth'

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It gives me real pleasure in announcing my new blog titled  Neoglobe.

The title I chose for my blog for a specific reason that is Neo meaning new.  The world is changing at an incredible pace the countries who do not change are to be doomed.

 Neoglobe will report the latest trends and technologies that are changing the world. Mother earth has been a shelter for spices on this planet for million of years, it can still provide the Earth spices shelter in this unlimited cosmos for million of years to come, only if humanity develops and keeps the earth non polluted and develops newer technologies and values in their approach

Towards the atmosphere we breathe and live in.

 The world as a whole as to come together and develop each and every country so that they do not pollute the Earth, if not then millions are going to suffer. A constructive effort by the rich and poor nations working hand to hand is required. Pollution can spread by water and air and that does not keep rich nations out of the epidemic which will have gigantic proportions on the humans and other spices on this beautiful earth.

 Neoglobe will be studying the newer technologies that are being adapted by some countries, organizations and individual’s world over. that will have a positive effect on the lives of millions of people on this earth. Our aim is to spread the message a change for old to new values and technologies for making our mother Earth.

Now about some technologies invented around the world that may change the way we travel, purify water for millions who do not have the money to buy even cheap purifiers.

keep yourself safe, your family and friends safe and the whole world family safe, just by not polluting the Earth we live in. 

Sunil Kumar Lakhani


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