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Yesterday I visited the New Art Gallery in Walsall to further my exploration into art and to discover what local resources I had to help my MA in Fine Art in October.

 - New Art Gallery

What was there?

  • Damien Hirst Artist Room
  • The Garman Ryan Collection
  • The Hecklers Exhibition
Firstly the Damien Hirst exhibition was very good, with some pieces being mixed in with the Garman Ryan exhibition in themes and topics. My personal favourite piece was the pharmacy wallpaper that was based on the Bible, the detail was amazing and was not noticeable when first entering the room, which I appreciated, as I had to put in some work to get a reward.

 - Pharmacy Wallpaper

I liked the way the Garman Ryan exhibition was split into themes and contained multiple pieces of work, ranging from bronze statues to paintings.

My favourite exhibition in the gallery was The Hecklers.

- Hecklers Booklet Cover

This exhibition looks at two particular trends in recent British art, one being a form of engagement with politics which crosses over into artist's everyday lives. The second theme running through the show is a renewed interest in primitive approaches to art making. I really enjoyed the whole exhibition as the art was very recent and a variety of mediums, from vinyl music player to rock living room to a two projected video.

The most thought-provoking piece for me was done by kennardphillipps, seen below.

And other work seen at the exhibition such as the below 'mosiac' by Tod Hanson


Overall it was a fantastic day out and I would very much recommend this art gallery for its' blend of new and old and a variety of exhibitions.



Tom :)

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