New Educational system in Afghanistan (Examer)

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Examer is an Online Examination System for schools which is considered to change the Afghanistan school examination routine. This system enables the students to take all there exams web based, besides it familiarizes the students with world newest examinations technology.

For the first time in Afghanistan Film Annex and Afghan Citadel have brought a change in the history of school examination system and registered the Houz-e-karbas students to the Examer. Currently the teachers and students are learning how to use Examer and they seem to be very enthusiastic about it.

The Afghanistan school teachers believe that it would really change the examination routine and would have a positive impact on students. Human being is always eager in new phenomenon; since Examer is a new technology and educational system in Afghanistan, students are really happy and try to get good marks from.

Bahara one of the students says “Using an online examination system was a dream came true, I was always hearing about online examinations in the past and I was thinking it would be a very complicated system which need centuries to implement in Afghanistan. Now that we have the system in our school I and all other students are really happy about.” She continues “The manual examination system has some problems which make the students doubtful about the marks they get but now using Examer system students are sure that they get the marks they deserve. Human error is one of the commonly problems in manual system, which was making the students recheck their exam papers but now there is no need for.”

The Examer system will soon be implemented in all schools which are covered by Afghan Development Project.


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