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ÉCU is proud to announce our latest festival partner CinemadaMare, based out of Rome, Italy. Below are some facts and figures about the festival! The “CinemadaMare” film festival was started in 2003, but eight years of exciting work have earned it a number of distinctions. 1. “CinemadaMare” is the biggest gathering of young filmmakers coming from all over the world. Last year the festival hosted 100 attendees hailing from 47 countries. 2. 162 films have been entered into the competition, representing 47 international film industries. 3. All accommodations are provided to those who attend the festival. Attendees also receive a stipend for their plane tickets, no matter their country of origin. 4. “CinemadaMare” is home to the biggest outdoor film set. 5. “CinemadaMare is the only festival where films are produced during the event itself. 6. “CinemadaMare” is the longest festival in the world (3.800 kilometers in 70 days). 7. Over the course of our 9 years as a festival, we have had the pleasure to host special guests from the national and international film industries (such as Ken Loach, Wim Wenders, Giuseppe Tornatore, Giuliano Montaldo, Amos Gitai, Vincenzo Cerami, K. Zanussi, Michele Placido, Vincenzo Mollica) and have given over 100 hours worth of cinema lectures and workshops. 8. “CinemadaMare” is the only itinerant festival that travels across the regions of Southern Italy during a ‘tour’, which begins July 1st 2011 and ends on September 11th 2011. CALENDAR “CinemadaMare” 2011 – 9th Edition ROMA EUR (Lazio) July 1st to July 6th VILLASIMIUS (Sardegna) July 8th to July 13th LATINA (Lazio) July 15th to July 17th ROMA SAN LORENZO (Lazio) July 18th to July 23th BARI (Puglia) July 24th to July 28th MATERA (Basilicata) July 29th to August 1st CEFALU’ (Sicilia) August 4th to August 11th NOVA SIRI (Basilicata) August 12nd to August 18th CASTELLO DEL MATESE (Campania) August 19th to August 25th VENEZIA (Veneto) August 28th to September 11th Find out more on their website:

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