New Short Film Project: UYIR - The Animated Short Film

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I've decided to move on to my 4th short film which I've entitled as "Uyir". I was happy with the response for "Vetri" and took all the feedback to heart. The two main weaknesses of Vetri was bad character animation and mediocre story. So this will be the main focus of the short. I've also decided not to cheat like my previous films, and have decided to model and rig all the characters on my own. Eventually, I plan to release everything for free on (including characters this time).

In terms of story, I've sat down and had a good think about the story. To be brief, the story follows along the lines of, the life of a joyous old man is turned upside down when he is abducted by criminals. It's a simple story but hopefully it will work. Personally, I'm quite happy with the way the story has come out and I feel it will be far better than any of my previous short films. Conceptually, I think there's a lot more substance and emotion in this story and it also conveys a more powerful message! That said, it might look good on paper, but whether it would look good on screen is another challenge..

I've learnt a lot about character animation over the past two weeks, but yet to put it into practice. I will be using this project to hopefully bring out the best character animation I possibly could. I will be posting a lot of the animation dailies and progress here, so be sure to subscribe to this channel to get regular updates on the making of this film! This is something I didn't do enough of in my previous film. The story though, is created in a sort of way to minimise character animation but there are a couple of complex animations, such as the kidnapping scene.

My goal is to make this film a lot better than any of my previous endeavours both technically and storywise. Since I'll be starting this project from scratch, I'm expecting the film to release around December of this year (the total length of the film is planned to be 8-9 minutes). The film will be released and premiered on this channel and also YouTube! I'll also be using the BURP Community Renderfarm again to do most of the rendering of the film.

The "What To Do" webisodes will still be uploaded on my main channel (hopefully 1 webisode a month) but it will be a little slow going (especially during the production phase of this project!).

Hopefully this film will release on time and be a treat to all FilmAnnex, sorry..I mean.. BitLanders viewers!

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