New Year celebration in china

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Chinese New Year is a holiday that they make merry on the binging of the New Year and they shows that it is a very special day for them. They rejoice it according to their planetary datebook. It is deliberated one of the most main outing to the Chinese families. The holiday is renowned when big families meet. On this day every chine gives gift to other and greets each other. On this day Chinese eat emblematic sustenance. On this day they made joyful beautifications. All this shows that this New Year is very grateful and very good for them so they celebrate it.

In china the astral chart is used to determine old dated holidays like Chinese New Year. The astral chart is made on the bases of phases of moon. The moon phases have shorter cycle than the sun.


Chinese New Year is not celebrated on the same day every year, every year it is celebrated on different day. But usually it is celebrated between 21st January and 20th February. Celebrations can usually last up to a month.

In addition Chinese has many other traditions like Cleaning Houses and New Clothes, Decorating the Houses, New Year’s Eve Dinner, Giving Good Luck Gifts and Honouring the Animals.

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