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     All we know that Mass Media are a pervasive part of our lives. Just how pervasive might become clear if we charted the various functions the media perform for us. The important things is how realize the different Media and different primary uses. The TV set represents a voice in the house for people who might otherwise alone. Radio keeps people to be in their cars. 

       However, many of Afghan people access to TV and Radio to inform about News around world. For many of Afghans getting information, data and inform about different things from TV is easier than other Social Medias. According to these we want to explain the categories of News in Afghan TV channels.

      News on television can be classified into three categories according to their time of broadcast. News in the first category are broadcasted every hour. News in the second category are broadcasted every day. News in the third category are broadcasted every week. News in the first category keeps us updated with fresh news every hour. Which helps us to react to them on time and know what is going around us. Generally these news are raw and the truth is not stated clearly because of limited amount of time. They are able to gather all the facts and news in just an hour to present to us like TOLO news in Kabul.


     News in the second category keeps us updated with the latest news every day. Generally we are not able to watch the television every hour .so these news helps us to know all the events that happened during the day such as Negaah TV in Kabul, Afghanistan. These news have more details and facts. It is not necessary to watch television every hour so we can get a summary of all the news that happened during the day.

     News in the third category summarizes all the important events that occurred during the week. For example, news in TV1, if you have missed the hourly news and daily news, you can still remain updated with the latest events by watching weekly news. They generally contain more and precise information. More details are given in weekly news and they are also well prepared because they have a week to prepare them. Thus, we can get news from TV through hourly news, daily news and weekly news.

    Finally, people access to TV and Radio which cause they want know about news around themselves. The Mass Media reflected the stereotypes held by power and are able to join different elements of society that can be a voice.

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