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It is a fact that newspapers were never so popular then they are today. The importance of newspapers can be judged from the simple fact that they are mean to: inform, entertain and educate. They are the part and parcel of educated community. A modern man cannot think of ignoring or missing the newspaper. A newspaper is the breakfast item for the educated people.

There are many roles of newspaper. A newspaper can be a window to the world. For a student, newspaper serves the purpose of a general knowledge book. The newspaper reflects the stability of the Govt. In Pakistan success or failure of a Govt. is judged from the news and views about Govt.

Another attraction of the newspapers is that they are meant for everybody. The educated can read while the illiterate can hear the information from the newspaper. Businessmen, teachers, doctors, sportsmen, showbiz people and even the children all have a chance to go through a newspaper.

The newspaper had a great commercial value. They are reliable source of propaganda, publicity and job offers. They have permanent readership of large number of political, business and unemployed people. All the roles of newspaper are very effective and quite impressive. They can make a hero zero, offer employment to an unemployed and find a match for a bachelor.