Nixie, Selfie Personal Assistant Can Fly

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Nixie, Selfie Personal Assistant Can Fly (photo: Pocket-lint)


SANTA CLARA - Selfie is a new word appears in the dictionary. According to the Oxford dictionary is a type of photography selfie taken alone, is usually taken with a smart phone or a web camera and shared to social media.

Pocket-lint launch, Monday (09/29/2014), with the presence of Nixie, a quadcopter drones that can be folded in the wrist, the preoccupation for selfie will increase even further. Nixie is a project that is included in the Intel competition Make It Wearable.

How it works is when a user wants Nixie selfie, so he only needs to make a hand gesture, then drones Nixie will open and fly. Furthermore, Nixie will find the position of the user and automatically photographed.

As a result, there is no longer such a complicated selfie wrong position or too close to hold the camera. This project could arise because the Intel board is super small, Edison, which allows the drones to continue to be small and lightweight.

Nixie creator, Christoph Kohstall, is considering options that users can create photo frames through their phone screen as a monitor.

If there is no feature that was, Nixie is considered sufficient if only able to fly then automatically take pictures selfie clear as the user wants, such as close-ups or panoramic mode.

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