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One of the most meaningful achievements of the Internet is its ability to connect people from different backgrounds into a common future. Through a NATO video, I got introduced to Roya Mahboob and her work in the digital world. Based on my understanding of her work and our connection, I developed a very basic concept: No Politics, Just Internet... with the intent to spread Internet access in Afghanistan and provide its citizens with the basic right to browse and learn. I was raised in Italy and got exposed to cinema's greats like Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy when I was a kid. This exposure shaped my opinion of the world and the United States. In 1990, I moved to the States and started a successful adventure. I will give the same opportunity to Afghan citizens and children, I will support the educational system of Afghanistan to help Afghanistan culture and economy starting in 2012. Roya is helping us to bring the economy of Afghanistan and the afghanistan culture closer to the international community. She is our liaison to the Head of the Education Department, which is responsible for 25 high schools, 5 secondary schools, 4 primary schools in the city of Herat, and an additional 15 schools in the district outside the city. Each high school has more than 5000 students, each secondary school more then 3000 students, and each primary has more then 2000 students. The famous schools are as follows: 1. Goharshad 2. Tajbarovy 3. Ali sheer navay 4. Mahjobah Harvey 5. Malaka Jalali 6. Mahry Harvey 7. Atafi 8. Fateh It is our intention to create the following steps of collaboration with the Afghan Development Organizations. This process will be supervised by Roya Mahboob and her company Citadel: 1. Publish online Afghan film classics to educate the Afghan citizens and the rest of the world about Afghanistan culture, just like Charlie Chaplin shaped the image of USA. 2. Document the construction of Internet points located inside the schools to give internet access to young Afghan citizens and support Afghanistan education. 3. Raise funds online for the proliferation of those Internet points and open investor doors to this new frontier of digital development. Above is a snapshot of the level of investment for each internet point with a potential of 3000-5000 users, from Primary to High School. Our project has its first form through this Web TV: -- Francesco Rulli

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