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Have you got a secret crush on someone?  Or do you think celebs are much more dreamy than the boys at school/college? Choose a boy's name to work out your love rating! 

Example:-  Bethanie Bourne 


                         Brad Pitt

  1. First, grab some paper and write down your name over his name, with the word "LOVES" in between.
  2. Count up how many times the letter "L" appears in both names. Here, it's 0. Do the same for the remaining letters of "LOVES" and write the alongside.
  3. Now for the maths part. Add the first two numbers together and write the total underneath.
  4. Then add the second and third numbers and write the total. Do the same for the third and fourth, and fourth and fifth.You  should have four numbers, unless anything added up to more than ten.
  5. Do the same again for the new numbers- add the first and second, second and third and so on. If any answer is above ten, write it down just the same.
  6. Keep adding the numbers to create new rows until you get a final two figure number. That's the              percentage rating.

          From the above given example.  01030





Sometimes you can't get the number down to two figures. If that's your result, then you and your chosen boy are a match made in heaven!!!!!!!!!

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