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Happy New Year to all of You!
2013 starts in NYC with an early presentation of Spring Summer fabric collections from all over the World:
China, Korea, Italy and Turkey the most important countries in textile production.
Worldwide clothes designers come to NYC to start sourcing new fabrics for the latest fashion trends.

First of all I will attend http://www.texworldusa.com/ that focus his attention to Asian textile mills and factories.
I remember attending it for the first time in 2008 when I met a Taiwanese gentleman called Mozart due to his love for classic music.
Once Me and my partner Said Dib introduced MTI USA as an agency, He was asking many questions about the US market and what kind of experience we had in NYC.

I could feel his internal struggle on positive and negative feelings toward having an EXCLUSIVE agent for the US market.
Most of Asian mills tends to work directly with some customers and have multiple agents dedicated to few accounts, as they don't trust to put all the eggs in one basket.
So my first approach to Mr Mozart was trying to convince him that, in a long term, I could have started a steady growth in his sales for US market....basically gain his trust.
MTI USA is not the classic agent that try to maintain full control of the customer relationship and communication.
At the contrary , it's based on a partnership with the mills and factories and put everybody in direct communication to avoid misunderstandings or delays.
Anyway I didn't convince him and had to wait 6 more months (during that time I met him in China at another textile fair in Beijing and visited his finishing plant in Wuxi).

After few more months and be persistent plus show him that many buyers knows me well and trust me, at that point He gave me few accounts to start and it was the beginning of a 6 years relationship that have been grown constantly in terms of confidence and sales.
Now, it's definitely one of my best mills and I enjoy spend time with Mozartex Team: Joseph Huang, Ted Lin and Megga are my top contacts.
I asked them to start a FB and Linkedin pages to improve their social Network:


One of the specialty that Mozartex is re-known for is fabric washed microtencel and cotton textile production, specialized in great finishings and competitive prices
compared to European products.
By the way , few Italian mills buy and resell their finished items to European market! ;-)

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