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I was thinking back to when was the first time I did my first make up? Gosh, Girls in this era probably are laughing at me. I went to high school with no make up at all. Yes! at all…until I realized that 'hey you need some color on your face!' I seriously started to buy some beauty products when I was in college. As I was sort of skeptical with everything in the world, I initially bought my first make up at the makeup counter in the mall. my first beauty product obsession was…blush on..why? easy to wear…no need to know about your shades. just pick the color you like! This is my motto for makeup. Once you start you would never stop! LOL I became totally obsessed with beauty products. I owned more products such as power, lipsticks, foundation, eyeshadow, lip gloss etc. 


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Practice makes perfect! There is no shortcut for doing make up as well. I believe all the beauty gurus had passed through all the experimental time for trying all products until they knew what exactly fit them. The more you practice, the better you gain. 


I have been asked from many people that what's my favorite foundation? what is the best color for blush on? what is the most gorgeous color for lipsticks? well, people have different preferences. One might fit you but not fit others. There are bunch of factors that make people look different even though they use exactly the same product like skin type, skin color, skin tone,face shape, skin pigment. 


Obviously, in the past five years, numerous girls have made their own YOUTUBE beauty videos. People know more about bloggers, Vloggers and check out YOUTUBE. The popular beauty guru like Michelle Phan, one of the most successful beauty guru on YOUTUBE, has been watched by more than million people on her each video..amazing right??? Why people are so obsessed with beauty videos? I think it's much easier to watch the videos at home instead of going out to a beauty counter for tips. You have no cost for watching videos! Plus, you can spend as much as time you want to explore the products you've been interested in and not feeling awkward like when u are at the beauty counter :))) Also, you can read all the reviews about the products pros and cons which is benefit for your budget and time a lot. 



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