Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes away from your goal [Part2][Final]

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As I said in the previous blog, I will move on to Adults, and what are the goals I am taking about. So, what are the obstacles that adults face? In order to reduce prolonged content, I would carry on by answering in points. Technology, well yes, its is an obstacles for adults too, luxury, yes, Sex and pleasure, yes sometimes, arrogance, voilance, anger, depression, anxiety, daily life problems, all of these and more are considered as obstacles. If they overcome these mere ethics, they could propably reach their goal. But what is the so called goal?

Goal is the achievement, the happiness, convenient of being someone, stressfree, become a better person, fame, dignity, honor, infact, LIFE. Moreover, education, knowledge and genuisness. This is Goal. Despite this world see the goal inferior instead of the hurdles they face. They think of themselves weak, ignored and lonely in this world, they do not see the bright side, they donot think out of the box. They compare themselves to others without looking themselves in the mirror.

Life is like a hurdle race, in which you jump up the hurdles and reach the finish line. So, how can you win the race when you cant even jump up the hurdles. If you consider your self infinitesimal, how will you overpass the soceity whome you consider giants. So, to reach the goal, you must be hot footed, and clamp your feet in the ground like the roots of a mangroove tree does. It sticks itself so tight, that the strong water waves or cyclones cannot break them apart from the ground. You must improve your demeanour and move your life with haste, and you will see, how inevitable you will be to reach your goal.

Think Out of the Box, See the Bright Side!

Written by: Haider Khan

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