Old Fortress of Kotor

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San Giovanni Fortress: really popular travel destination and very interesting place for everyone who loves old Europe, ancient Towns and History. This is an medieval Venetian fortress, laid by those Italians who described these lands as exotic remote rural estates.


It is perfectly visible on the mountain above Kotor old town, from the city embankment and in general, from everywhere in this part of the Gulf of Kotor, one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea.


Old stone wall is climbing up the mountain, surrounded by sophisticated defensive structures. You can go upstairs on a stone road paved with ancient cobblestones. The entrances are inside the old city, there are only two of them and there is a ticket office with tickets on each.


On the half way you will see the Church Gospe od Zdravlja. Here you can meet travelers who are vacationing from labor upsurge.


The road can take quite a long time and you will need good shoes, and if the weather is damp or with rain, you need to be extremely careful, as wet stones are very slippery. It makes sense to bring food and drinks to the top - there will be enough time and space for a good snack to restore energy. Do not forget to take away garbage and wrappers after eating.


Of course, the main thing is the spectacular unbelievebe breathtaking view from the top of the fortress! Do not forget to take your camera and volumetric memory card. ))


And of course, all photos made by me.

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