Older parts of cities exhibit more warmth and brotherhood

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Walking down the streets of the older portions of any city and you fell enchanted and fascinated. These parts you are mostly uncounted with busy roads full of traffic, old building tightly placed with no space to breath and rarely maintained, and street hawkers trying to sell the product and busting shops full of chatter and batters.

The whole environment picturesque so busy, but yet so poised, full of warmth, presently pleasing you with the unique, extraordinary embrace even though you hardly know the people and the surroundings.

Every old city is individualistic with its own characteristics, but the message echoing is no different. The meaning of oneness, the essence of friendship and brotherhood living together in one tightly kitted family mirror a positive image that we generally miss in the modern way of dwelling.

The “apartment culture” of contemporary living is like placing files (read as ourselves) in different racks (read as different floors in a multi storied building) which very individual having no idea or connection with their immediate neighbours also.

The old city indicates a unlike image. There is space restriction. But the souls are too big for accommodation. The whole situation enacts like souls rubbing each other in a cramped space. The oneness in the air divulges the affair.

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