Olympic Games

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These games were started in very early days of 776 BC, in Greece in the honor of Zeus. These games include running, boxing, wrestling, jumping, etc. These games were held in Olympus, the known city Greece. Hence these games were called Olympic Games. Over and above these games, there were different competitions in literature, art, dramas, music etc.


       These festivals continued from 776BC-394AD. Even in those days these festivals had good effect. Sentiments of unity were greatly encouraged by the celebration of these festivals and common management of games. Gradually the whole Greece took part in these festivals and games.


       Out of all these festivals only the games were revived in 1896 AD. Since then these games were played regularly at the interval of 4 years in different countries of the world. Those countries which win these games, becomes the world champion.

       These games have unifying influence, these games draws the different nations of the world closer and together and promote goodwill and understanding.





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