Olympic Wrestling: The Underdog

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Everyone loves the story of the underdog.  We love the little nobody that came from nowhere to accomplish something great.  The world roars because secretly everyone sees himself or herself as the underdog.  We ALL have excuses.  The key is to look them in the face and just keep moving forward. 

I am thirty-two years old and just had a baby.  I gained nearly sixty pounds during my pregnancy.  I’ve competed in three Olympic Trials, two World Championships in women’s wrestling and never won or took a medal.  Therefore I am not worthy.  During the first twelve years of my wrestling career, no one came to watch.  I’m not even sure that the person in my corner really wanted to be there half of the time.   In the wrestling room, I’d often be isolated.  Rumor of me hurting people on purpose spread throughout the team like cancer.  It wasn’t long before even the coach couldn’t stand to have me there.  No matter what I did, no one liked me.  I always tried to shrink and not shine as bright to gain the acceptance I thought I needed, which has lead me to have false faith in predators because they were the only people that seemed to have any interest in what I was looking to accomplish.  I starved for attention and had envy for the girls who had a coach.  I’d think to myself, "I’d give anything just to have half of what the other girls have…how I would soak it up."   

Today I have the courage to face these excuses.  Though I am no doubt an underdog, I am an overcomer as well.  I want to use the pain of my past as a platform to help others.  I am humbled from my experiences thus far and know that my journey will not look like everyone else’s.  As we continue on this path to the 2016 Olympic Games, my purpose will become clearer.  As I continue to meet quantifiable goals set before me, my dream will become more tangible. 

The vision that I have does not fit the old model.  I cannot let the lies and insecurities of other to limit me any more.  I cannot wait any longer for the stars to align perfectly or I will miss my calling.   I believe that I am right where I am supposed to be.  It’s the same message I’ve always wanted to share, just in a new package. 



Leigh Jaynes-Provisor 


Watch a match vs. JPN:  http://youtu.be/OuEU6QAL5iw 

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Photo:  (Top)  vs. JPN Seito 2012 World Cup Tokyo

(Bottom)  Sage Mortimer, Champion, Chick Wrestler

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