On online film distribution and its influence on filmmakers

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As a film student, the concept of being able to make a profit off of your work just by uploading your content online is almost unbelievable, or in better phrasing, unrealistic. Which is why when I first heard about Film Annex and its concept, I was immediately taken aback by the possibilities; the fact that I could make money just by using social media and sharing the works of art that the users of Film Annex produced, or even by influencing other people to watch or share these said films blew my mind and made me question why so many students/part time industry workers I know who are trying to promote themselves or get their big break that they have been working so long for, are being slaves to YouTube or merely sharing on Facebook.    

Furthermore, as I’m scrolling through various filmmakers on the website, including Mark Kuczewski who's gained more than $38000 through his work on Film Annex, and looking at their influence levels online and overall buzz scores, I couldn’t help but wonder why online film distribution is still not an integral part of the teachings in film schools across the country. While thinking about this, I came to the conclusion that for student filmmakers to be more aware about this option, teaching the concept of online film distribution in classrooms, professors integrating this concept in their lectures or even positive word of mouth around college campuses or classes are all necessary.

 Personally, I will be taking part in this myself by informing as many student filmmakers I know about the platform of Film Annex and help them get more acquainted with the system that sounds almost too good to be true. 



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Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Elifnaz is a student at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and School of Cinematic Arts.

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