On reading the novel things fall apart by Chinua

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On reading the novel things fall apart by Chinua, I really felt unhappy and sad especially about the character of Okonkwo, that is why; he was a coward, tyrant and gruff man and beats his wives heavily, therefore; by reading the chapter forth I found that he was a bad tempered man as it has mentioned such;

“During the Week of Peace, Okonkwo's youngest wife, Ojiugo, goes out to plait her hair and neglects to cook afternoon meal for him. When she returns, Okonkwo beats her savagely.”

So it is very disappointing that a man beats his wife heavily for neglecting to provide food for her husband, so it states that Okonkwo is not a good tempered man.

Although it was not acceptable in Ibo culture that one treats badly, violently and unkindly toward a person but he did.

On the other words, I found in the chapter seventh that he even beats his son savagely as said;

Okonkwo tells Ikemefuna that he is to be sent home. Nwoye hears, and begins to cry; his father beats him heavily

But on the other hand, we see that Okonkwo is a wealthy and brave man who could save money while his father was a wasteful man and borrowing money from others, but I can say also that Okonkwo didn’t have an effeminate character and didn’t want that his son follow his father way, so although Okonkwo was a violent man but he was a brave man.


So by all these things which I read through chapters I can’t call him a clever and wise Man and I am happy that he hangs himself at end that is why; such man with violent acts against his wives and children must be died.

In short, I call Okonkwo, a very bad tempered, gruff, and cruel and anger man for the sake of beating and beating his Wives and children savagely and heavily.

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