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First of all, apologies for poor grammar and spelling, I am writing this blog after a 12 hour shoot and little sleep from the previous night! Enjoy!

I have chosen to restrict the number of shoots I go on during the current semester, the main reason for this is to ensure I have enough time to source everything for my own film and produce it on time.

Here is a short description about the 'Britannia Bronies' project, from its director/producer George Delaforce.

"The documentary is partly for a University degree, and partly a personal project. As a Brony myself I have learnt a lot from the fandom and thank everyone for the kindness they have shown me. Now its my turn to produce something for the fandom. Although this film is a thank you to Bronies, it is also aims to reach the public audience and give insight into the weird and strangely curious fandom that has been stereotyped so harshly."

I decided to crew on the 'Britannia Bronies' project because the shoot itself was taking place at the Comic Con event in Birmingham's NEC arena. As I had never attended an event like this before I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with new people, get some contacts and meet a cool celebrity in the process?

The shoot was scheduled for Saturday 23rd March and the call time was 6.30am.  

The shoot day finally arrived and I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed at 6am and make the arranged call time. From there the crew and I split into different vehicles and made our way to Birmingham. My role was as a Production Assistant, which meant primarily I would be keeping the crew together and interviewing individuals to camera for the film.

Some of the crew finding time to relax during the demanding shoot!

The day was long and tiring, and I think if I was at the event in my own time I would have enjoyed the day a lot more. That doesn't mean to say I didn't enjoy myself, far from it! We achieved more than enough interviews and got some great footage of the event itself. The day was finally at an end! I had never been so knackered in all my life, but I guess that's what getting lost on the M6 on the way home and 4 hours sleep the previous night will do to you!

I learnt a lot about collaborating with a big crew of people, improving my overall confidence and people skills when approaching people for interviews. In addition, I made some great contacts within the crew who I hope to use in future projects. 

In conclusion although I don't think I'll be volunteering for many shoots in the future, I am still always up to try something new!

'Britannia Bronies' will be released at the end of April.



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