Online Advertising meets Afghanistan

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Today is Friday, Twelve of October and I am looking back to see what I've done on this week.

At the beginning of the week I edited two videos with Ashley Paczolt. She is a Director of Advertising Operations at Altitude Digital Partners and a very pleasant girl. Smart and funny. In the first video she talks about Admonsters Ops Advertiser Network Conference and in the second She talks about . It could be very interesting content for people who involve in online advertising.

After that I was asked to add subtitles for USAID video: The Better Than Cash Alliance. Sounds like a very easy job, right? First of all subtitles in Afghani and Persian languages. Pashto and Farsi. I don't understand anything and its written from right to left what makes it more complicated. But its ok, I struggled and I've done it. "Success" - That what I thought. After a little while I got an email saying that it's unreadable and problem in a fonts. "F…, I don't speak Arabic." So this job became almost impossible for me. Francesco Rulli suggested me to take screenshot of subtitles in a WORD document and paste it in the video. I did it for Pashto and it worked,but in this case white line appears around subtitles, which makes it not really accurate in my point of view. As for Farsi, We went back and forth with our partners in Afghanistan trying to figure out what font is right one and still videos are not ready… to be continued  

In the meantime I uploaded five videos from National Archives for a brand new WebTV. Also I received 10 UN videos from Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey. I have to put UN titles at the beginning and in the end of each video and upload it to UN WebTV, but I don't have description for that videos what makes uploading part of this job complicated, but I will figure out.

And at last I got an idea (written on paper) for fashion film, which I hope Models WebTV can produce. Working title: A Date.  More details will be on next week.

Have a great weekend to everybody.   

  Semyon Maltsev

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