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There are thousands of business types in this world including manufacturing, trading, service providing and many others. But in our today’s world internet and virtual products are high in demand. The number of internet users is growing tremendously and are in trillions of numbers at present. The importance and usage of internet has alsoenhanced by the introduction of smart phones which has facilitate the usage of internet. The opportunity being mastered in the workshop will be blend of online and physical activity to ensure success in the business. It is worth mentioning that this business which is to be elaborated and explained is NOT at all MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) and it is not a pyramid scheme at all. The business to be done will involve buying virtual products like e-books and selling it in a genuine legitimate manner. Of-course, all trading business in this world involves buying something at a good rate and then late selling it in order to earn profit. There can be no business without buying and selling. But the explained business opportunity will involve a very easy buying pattern and exploit the selling channels in a very effective and efficient manner. How this all will be done in an easy and effective manner will be explained in Business Mind Workshop.


Supervised By: Raed Nazir




Trainer: Ahsan Talib



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