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Online Education


Education is essential for human being as he has been created in the way that he cannot disown it. Education leads him to new horizon and expanses of life. It is education that human race has been able to transcend and go beyond the boundaries of this Earth. It is education that made the huge earth once, a global village. We cannot regret its importance and if we do we and animals will be one creature on planet earth.

Human population is increasing so as the problems and decreasing resources. Life is also becoming busier day by day. Education is not that simple now. You should be master of your field and for that you have to give reasonable time to it. You have to utilize many resources for that purpose. You will go to school, colleges and universities for this purpose, you will have to find topics, articles and books in libraries and internet. On the other hand you have to deal with other matters of life also. You need resources and teacher that can provide you quality education at home.

Learning at home is the need of the day. The busy routine of life will never let you to touch the book and go to school and if you go to the teaching methodology that are conventional, you will get bored. There are other problems too regarding conventional educational methodologies that can be eradicated only through learning at home. The distant education can be another name given to it. Distant education has increased the number of student to a larger extent. Student prefer now distant education than colleges and universities.

While distant education is holding its place there must be the quality assurance of the education that is being provided by such institution. Internet has become a messiah for this purpose. Internet is facilitating online education in a great way. Internet being the store of all the knowledge and information, is serving a helping hand in online education. Institutions are now spreading the light of knowledge and education through internet. Synchronous and asynchronous courses of a faculty are taught. Synchronous classes and courses are given by institutions in real time, meaning all the student must be present to and attend to at a given time. Asynchronous courses are recorded lectures, notes and demonstrations on a website on the internet that can be accessed any time. Online Education seems to be replacing conventional classrooms. We can see the online learning facility in develop countries in classrooms but after two decades or so it seems that there would be no classrooms. Online learning is also doing good as it is an economic method of getting education in comparison with the soaring tuition fees offered to universities. Online learning is starting to dawn and shine and lit the world in a brighter way.

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