Online Job! Why so popular this Days?

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Hey BItlanders friends! ^_^

We all know online job as we're on this job right now. Actually this job gives us extra money and even make big money if we go full time on this. All people who don't have job can lean on this. If all jobless people dont know this job we should tell them to do this for we can help them. I dont know all types of online job but I want to share all the Online job I know. Here's the list.. Hope you can tell it to your friends.

1. Peko (android/iOs app) - this app is growing and growing cause you can get $10 a day for just playing a simple roulette. If youre a gamer you can appreciate playing this.. ^_^

2. Apptrailers (Android app) - this app can give you $ 2.50 a day for just watching videos, (movie trailers, game videos, music videos, short clip,).

3. Whaff (android app) - this app can give you $10 a day for just completing all the Offers of the app. Theres a features there that if you download that app, play and keep that on your phone will get points.

4. ADz 4 PROFIT (Advertising and Revenue Sharing) - all you need to do in this site is to invest 5$ and you can earn 3$ as its mature. The more you invest the more your earn and the fastest you can earn.

5. Bubblews - Ofcourse! Im new here but i know I can earn and enjoy this site. hehe

This was my personal online job that i always do. If you know any online job. just feel free to comment bellow. ^_^ Hope this post will give you more money =D

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