Online Video vs TV: Are We On The Right Way?

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Recently, I read a WSJ article about how Hollywood producers create WebTV shows

Starting in October 2011, Google (YouTube) began investing $100 million in 96 new WebTV channels.

You can say: "wow this is amazing news", I would agree, this is great, because producers, directors and advertisers will invest more time and new money in the online video world, a key step for transition from traditional broadcast TV to Web TV.

I personally have not watched Television for 3 years. I enjoy the freedom that the internet allows me for controlling what shows I watch when I want to watch them on my computer from streaming websites. I prefer independently produced web shows or series, that are short format, with no censorship. The internet is taking many of the viewers away from television for good because they are engaged with similar and most times better content.

I believe it is very important to monitor and control the content transition from Television to Web TV. It must be professionally created of course but not bogged down with the stale "TV Formula" the viewers are used to. WebTV producers cannot be lazy and always remember to deliver professional, creative and unique ideas to capture a viewer, more so on the Web as there are many choices nowadays that compete for the viewer's attention.

Online video tips:

- Create short videos
3-5 minutes is the web standard. It could be more or less, but don't forget that viewer can turn off your clip in one click if he get's bored.

- Attract your audience
Try to attract your audience in the first 15 seconds and keep up with energy.

- Call to action
In the end of your video ask people for some action, whether its subscribe to your channel, Tweet you, make a comment or become a Facebook fan.

- Make productions on a regular basis
Once you grab their attention, you must feed the audience more videos, at least one per week.

- Optimization 

Come up with title for the video. Detailed description should include links to your web-site,related content and social media links. The most important are tags. Mix of common and specific tags.  Attract with thumbnail.

Check out helpful blogpost about keywords:



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