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It's all about exclusive videos this week on Film Annex with a premiere, a teaser for a new animated film and a video presentation for an educational software.

Today, we are premiering Lisa Stock's web series Persephone with the first episode The Abduction. Persephone is a ten-part online series following the mythological character and taking the audience into an unconventional journey to the Underworld. The web series will mix traditional with more experimental episodes to create a unique online video experience for the viewers. About the episode, filmmaker Lisa Stock says: "Persephone's abduction was not initially in the series, as we focused only on her ascent. But when we went out to shoot episode 4 a couple of weeks ago and were met by a day of grey skies and rain, we recognized the opportunity before us, and took advantage of the ominous landscape to back up her story a bit and add to the series. In that one day the series went from 4 episodes to 10! Sometimes limitations will crack open a flood of new ideas." This first episode took great advantage of the set and location to create a dark prologue and establish a mystic atmosphere for the rest of the series. Watch Persephone's Abduction below.

Also exclusively on Film Annex today is the first preview for Shine, a new film by independent filmmaker Andy Parker. This is his first attempt at creating an animated short film and he has been updated us about this project for the past months. He is developing the story with the help of fellow Film Annexer Tim Orchard and has been experimenting different animation techniques for this. He took the revenues he earned from his Web TV to invest some time into learning how to animate and make the film. Shine will follow the journey of a sailor who leaves his homeland in an attempt to save his dying wife. The film, though basic in its animation style as Parker describes it himself, is a first promising attempt at animation filmmaking. Watch it below.

Lastly, we released last week a video presentation for the Examer, an educational software developed in collaboration with Citadel of New York. The Examer is an interactive and educational social networking platform that uses a Micro Scholarship Payment System to reward the best students. It also includes a "Social Media and SEO" curriculum where students are taught writing and distribution for social media. The video was created by Tomas Schats, an animator who has been collaborating with Film Annex for several years. He also provided some illustrations for the Internet classrooms built in high schools in Afghanistan, as part of the Afghan Development Project.

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