OnRye Days: No Jackson Left Behind (the original long version)

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Just ran into this. This is the No Jackson Left Behind original cut that was released in August 2009. If you look back at the blogs you should find the story behind it. Actually, hang on and I'll see if I can find the link for you

Here ya go-click me for story! 

Here is the updated and probably completely misremembered version-

We rushed to make this after Michael Jackson passed away. It was the 3rd film that the 4 onrye peeps worked on in some capacity. I remember trying to low ball Leo (the guy at the end of my block that had Saturday street sales. Kind of like a yard sale without the yard. A sidewalk sale, if you will). He had two crates of seriously damaged comics and wouldn't budge from his two for $5 price(I may have the prices wrong, but either way, it was too much). Well, there was no way that I was gonna rip up a bunch of my comics to plaster on the fake walls that I was building, so he had me over a barrel(figuratively speaking, although he may have literally wanted to, but that's neither here nor there. Remember when people used to say that all the time? I feel like it's been replaced with 'at the end of the day' now. Which is just as annoying). Anywho...


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