Onto the Next Adventure

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I've spent the last 5 months working on a new series for CMT Canada called Mom's a Medium. If you like Long Island Medium you'll definitely like this one. 

Today was my last day on the show. It's always sad to leave a show you've been working on. Especially when the people you are working with are just a pleasure to work with. And it helps even more when the subject matter is something you find fascinating and know quite a bit about. 

Working as a Story Assistant, I was able to not only help the writers and editors but during the season I was able to sit in and watch rough cuts of the each episode and give feedback, create web extras for the network, spearhead the creative on a digital media component to the show and even add a last minute story element to an episode. I could not have done any of that if it weren't for the great producers on the show who let me be creative. 

I'm going to miss everyone - new friends and old ones, but the good thing about working in TV is sooner or later you will be back working with everyone again. Now onto the next adventure... watching  hours and hours of footage for Ice Pilots NWT Season 6. 




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