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Buckle up guys, get your thinking hats on and start collecting the important documents as the opportunities deadline for Afghan nationals (students) is closing in. Organizations and universities from different countries across the world offer scholarships and training programs for the students of developing countries, as Afghanistan is a member of "SAARC" therefore, the students are eligible for the scholarships opportunities in South Asia as well as for the worldwide opportunities.

Each year many opportunities are announced, some vary by deadline and some by the individuals such as the undergraduates, the graduates and the post-doctoral students. As a believer in sharing culture, i feel the urge and responsibility of sharing all the particular opportunities with fellow Afghans, both male and female.

Majority of these scholarship and training opportunities are offered by the USA, UK, Japan, India, Malaysia and others. 

Note: These opportunities are worth a 'go'. Deadlines for each scholarship opportunity is different, these are not the only scholarship opportunities, one can find many others as well both for male and female. 

1. http://worldfellows.yale.edu/apply/information-applicants

Yale World Fellows ( Deadline: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST)

2. http://www.envisionexperience.com/explore-our-programs/global-young-leaders-conference

Global Young Leaders Conference ( For outstanding high school students aged 15-18 )

3. http://www.wya.net/advocacy/voicesatun.html

World Youth Alliance ( Deadline: 15th December, 2013 )

4. http://www.earthcorps.org/join_international.php

Global Earth Corps ( Deadline: December 20, 2013 )

5. http://www.chevening.org/

Chevening UK, ( Deadline: 15th November 2013 )

6. http://www.edu-active.com/master/2013/may/09/japan-scholarship-program.html

Scholarship opportunity in Japan 

7. http://asiafoundation.org/program/overview/asia-development-fellows

The Asia Foundation ( Deadline: 15th December, 2013)

8. http://www.watsonuniversity.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Watson-University-Application-Spring-2014-9-26-2013.pdf

Watson University Spring Program 2013-2014

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