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Global Medical Relief Fund's Evening of Hope will commence on the 5th of April with Francesco Rulli receiving a prestigious award - Lifetime Ambassador Award. This is an extraordinary piece of recognition that it has to be celebrated in the entire bitLanders community. Francesco Rulli is the founder and president of this wonderful site, bitLanders, bitCharities and Querlo.


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"Helping restore the broken lives of injured youth with healing and dignity One Child At A Time."

It has been six days since the blog posted by Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno has gone live and I was not aware of it at all. It hits me in the head when I saw the blog from sister Adgoggle's page and I am super thankful I got the chance to check her page and bumped into Micky's blog. I believe the six days that had passed is not too late for me to write and submit this blog.

Due to the fact that it took me almost a week before realizing that a new higher reward blog is up, I went out of the office on time and gone up straight to my husband's office and started writing this. I have to get this up before this day ends and I am delighted that my mind is pretty responding to the challenge I had set for myself.

As a married woman and at a certain age where having children is one of the goals in my life, I couldn't help but get emotional when I heard of news about children molested, some raped, some killed and some who are being victims of other people's misbehavior. They don't deserve those consequences of actions they didn't personally do. At this stage of my life, I often find myself praying to God for my own child. I believe that there will come a time when I will also experience how it feels to have a baby on my arms, sleeping and feeling the love and compassion I have towards him or her as the mother. I know it is truly different when one becomes a parent, like how my close college friend, Cheli had forgotten about herself just so she can give all her children's needs.

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Cheli by the way is a "heart mother", her baby girl, Zoe has a heart condition referred to as Tetralogy of Fallot and she has searched all the means she can do to fix her heart. Currently, she is in New York, waiting for a schedule for a operation to be held in Cayman Islands. The good Lord had finally answered her long prayer and her efforts of getting a sponsor to help them get a surgery for Zoe. A specific sponsor had accepted her application and Baby Zoe, four years old is just a few steps to having a normal life.


Photo credits: GoGetfunding

Listening to Cheli's story of how she had struggled both physically and emotionally just so she could get her baby Zoe's sponsorship which by the way is an all expense paid sponsorship, I definitely had an idea on how relentless and sacrificial a love of a mother is towards her children.

So while I am still preparing myself to being a mother, I myself had also started to understand, to empathize and to personally feel the love for children. I couldn't fully grasp at this moment what it really feels but I personally try to train myself to always set my feet in these mothers' shoes as well as the children, to try to comprehend how these children feels.


I am thankful that in this stage of our lives, my husband and I had found ways of helping children in our simple ways. Today, let me share these ways and I know that God had stated that we shouldn't be announcing the things we did to help others or the amount we are giving to be recognized, however, my purpose is not the same instead, I am sharing this so that I can encourage others to do the same. In our own ways, it doesn't matter if it's the smallest effort or the smallest amount, one thing is for sure, it matters a lot!

One cent can definitely move mountains talking about helping. Every cent counts and every pure intention will never go in vain.


Photo credit: Savethechildren.org

I had shared this organization before and I will be sharing it once again. The savethechildren organization had become one of the streams for my husband and I to share our blessings, to give back to the community and to help others specially the children.

It's been eight months since we started this pursuit and I am thankful for the opportunity that the organization had given us. Aside from being thankful that we have a medium of giving, the aid that we had contributed gives us pure joy as well knowing that our simple gesture gives hope to these children, Filipinos in particular that they realize that there are other people who are concerned of them, even if they don't know us personally, it is still a pleasure to know that someone out there are giving them importance, to help them live a fruitful life, to go through life with others concerned about them and that the struggles are not really that heavy because there are people who are willing to carry the burden together with them.


A Christmas Card sent to us by savethechildren.org with a Thank you message. Photo is mine.

Realizing that always gives me a driving force to pursue and become a vessel of help. Let me borrow the savethechildren organization founder's line, quoted as below:

"We can not leave defenseless children anywhere exposed to run - moral or physical. We can not run the risk that they should weep, starve, despair and die, with never a hand stretched out to help them. - Eglantyne Jebb"


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While this blog has been going about my own experience with helping the children, I am also proud that I am part of bitLanders who have been very supportive to charities. I had been stating on my previous blogs that I am grateful that I am part of this community because aside from being able to earn, I am also able to share my earnings to the charities listed by bitLanders under the bitCharities available in the shop.

Photo Credit: GMRF Donations via bitCharities GMRF page

With this, I am able to send donations to the available charities. bitLanders allows top three favorite charities which I had also set up and guess which one is my top?

Yes, you see that clearly, I have set it Global Medical Relief Fund as my top priority. This was because first, when I have seen their logo, I found it to have some kids playing, in cartoons and I personally found the kid with a wheelchair on so I felt that there is something special about this charity.

And indeed, my guts served me right and that this charity had indeed been working hard to aid children who have special illness or injuries due to war, disasters, natural or unnatural.

GMRF has been helping these children since 1997, thankful for all the doctors, nurses, hospitals and volunteers who had worked for more than two decades in helping the hopeless children, amputees and those who were victims of war. The charity has been working and will continue to do this efforts in the next years to come.

A beneficiary of GMRF. Photo credit : GMRF.org

A beneficiary of GMRF. Photo credit : GMRF.org

A beneficiary of GMRF. Photo credit : GMRF.org

Photo credit : GMRF.org

It is indeed a great help that bitLanders had listed GMRF as one of the bitCharities, with our donations, we can share our earnings to these pitiful children. We are also extending aid to our brothers and sisters who are victims of these unfortunate events.

After all, each children has their own rights to live a normal life, a life full of joy, hope and peace. Every child has a right to the beauty that this world offers, we only need to open our hearts and reach out our hands to them.

To learn more about GMRF, you may check as well this Querlo Chat created specifically to promote the charity:



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